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10 High Paying Jobs That Let You Travel

Want a high paying career, but don’t want to give up your love of traveling? Who says you can’t have it all? Here are 10 lucrative jobs that let you travel.

Have aspirations of seeing the world? Trying to figure out how to satiate your love for adventure when you’re stuck in a cubicle?

If you’re torn between a high-paying career and a life of wanderlust, fear no more! There are plenty of amazing jobs that let you travel- without giving up that sweet income.

Let’s get into our top ten.

Commercial or Airline Pilot

When it comes to travel, this career is basically a no-brainer. Pilots travel as a means of their everyday work. As a result, they venture all around the world. They also enjoy free or discounted flights for themselves and family members.

Salaries range between $80,000-$200,000 depending on experience.

Flight Attendant

Got a knack for customer service and don’t mind refilling drinks or dealing with anxious travelers? Are you okay with the occasional screaming baby here and there? If so, the flight attendant life may be one to consider.

Each airline has its own requirements. When starting out, it’s typical to work random hours and difficult shifts. With seniority, you’ll score more consistent working hours and routes.

All flight attendants receive free or severely discounted flights for both yourself and family members.

Best of all? You’ll get paid to essentially see the world. Flight attendants, on average, make about $52,000 annually, though top-end income hovers around $83,000.

Traveling Nurse

Many hospitals and medical facilities experience nurse shortages due to transitional issues like vacations, retirements, and maternity or medical leaves. In general, registered nurses represent high-demand careers- and companies are willing to pay for travel and expenses for you to fill those gaps.

As a traveling nurse, you’ll enjoy free or subsidized housing, meals, and an average yearly income of $73,000.


Many successful small and large businesses utilize consultants for their expert advice and industry knowledge.

If you have a specialized niche, this may be an incredibly lucrative path. Not only will you earn a sweet paycheck (the average consultant generates around $90k annual income), you’ll be paid to travel directly to your clients.

Hotel Manager

Got a knack for hospitality? Interested in stepping up into a management role in your current hotel?

Many hotel chains provide leadership and management training for their employees all around the world. Furthermore, advancement opportunities often require travel to check on various properties.

The average salary in this position is about $60,000, with top-end yearly income hovering just under six figures.

Event Planner

Many event planning positions require travel- whether you’re planning international business conferences, destination weddings, or galas overseas, special events typically mandate travel.

Whether you work for a company or choose to freelance, most event planners consult with their clients in one city- but execute said event somewhere else.

Furthermore, research shows that event planning is on the rise in coming years. The average annual income is $52,000, with top-end yearly salaries reaching $83,000.


Can you envision yourself on the front lines of a news breaking story? Do you have what it takes to engage in risk and chaos- all for the sake of capturing the moment?

If so, the journalism life may be for you. And contrary to popular belief, journalism is still very much thriving. In fact, with more news turning digital and “instantaneous,” good journalism still has its needed place in our modern society.

The more talented you are at your reporting, the more opportunities you’ll likely have available for exciting travel. Average yearly incomes are about $51,000. At its peak, journalists can make upwards of $90,000.

Commercial Truck Driver

Are you the one always volunteering to drive? Do you enjoy spending time alone to think and reflect? You might consider long-haul truck driving.

In this career, even though it may not sound “glamorous,” you’ll enjoy an endless variety of beautiful scenery as you truck your way through America.

We’re currently facing a shortage of truck drivers, and many companies are offering incredible incentives for new drivers to hop aboard.

The average salary is around $45,000, though seasoned drivers can make upwards of $77,000. Furthermore, you can complete training in as little as a few weeks to months.


From romantic destination weddings to large-scale commercial marketing to moving into the trenches of travel photojournalism, professional photography definitely allows you to see the world.

Photography, by nature, tends to be a competitive market. You’ll need to establish your area of focus, define your niche, and build a solid reputation. However, if and when you have those elements in motion, opportunity awaits!

Average photography salaries are around $40,000 with top incomes reaching over six figures. Best of all? You don’t need any formal training to get started.

Cruise Ship Director

Even if you associate cruises with gluttonous, all-you-can-eat buffets and themed pool parties, it turns out that those directors running the show can reap in quite the financial benefits.

Cruise directors basically direct all the fun and entertainment onboard. If you like interacting with a lot of different people, from all walks of life, and don’t mind your face being the one people associate with the cruise ship, this may be a dream job for you.

Cruise directors can enjoy the destinations once the ship is docked. And with an average salary reaching over $100,000, you’ll have plenty of money to spend on exciting excursions and souvenirs.

Concluding Thoughts on Jobs That Let You Travel

You shouldn’t have to choose between your passion for adventure and the stability of having the financial means to support yourself.

With so many high-paying jobs that let you travel, there is no reason you can’t find the one that best suits your strengths and preferences.

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