things you cant take on a plane

The Must-Know List of Things You Can’t Take on a Plane

Packing for your next business trip? Be sure to check this must-know list of things you can’t take on a plane before you get in line at the airport!

The typical cost of checking a bag on the top airlines is up to $50 one way!

That can seem like a low blow after paying for a ticket. Savvier travelers are opting to bring a carry-on instead of a checked bag to avoid these fees.

However, packing in a carry-on can be tricky for new travelers. We’ve broken down all the things you can’t take on a plane. Before your next flight, check this out!

The Essential Guide to Things You Can’t Take on a Plane

Flying can be stressful, especially with the growing TSA restrictions. When packing be sure to avoid these surprising items that can ruin your flight.

1. Sporting Equipment

Many people dream of playing golf in Myrtle Beach or camping at Burning Man. However, any sporting equipment has to be checked.

Sporting equipment that falls into this category includes, but is not limited to:

  • Skiing equipment
  • Golf clubs
  • Lacrosse sticks
  • Tennis racquets

If you are planning on traveling with these items be sure to factor in the extra cost of the checked items. Additionally, be sure you have the appropriate carrying cases to protect your equipment.

Balls are permitted in your carry on bag but can be unwieldy. Keep in mind that airlines have started imposing more restrictions on overhead space.

2. Pepper Spray

Personal safety items, such as pepper spray, are carried by millions of Americans for a variety of reasons. However, this is an item that is probably best left at home.

Be sure to take pepper spray off of your keys before flying. Also, be sure to check out our sections on sharp objects for advice if you plan on carrying any type of knife.

3. More than One Lighter

If you are even a casual smoker you may find lighters show up in your pants pockets, your bags, everywhere! Carrying a standard lighter is acceptable in your carry on or on your person.

However, more than one lighter in your carry on and on your person is not acceptable. The TSA agents will make you throw away multiple lighters. Similarly, one pack of safety matches are allowed in your carry on.

Since smoking isn’t allowed on planes, you may want to buy a lighter when you arrive at your final destination.

4. Snow Globes

Souvenir snow globes are excellent gifts, and often are the first thing people pick up in a new city. However, did you know that these beautiful items can violate the liquids policy set by TSA?

The standard rule for carrying liquids onto a plane is no more than 100 mL or 3.4 oz, in a clear 1-gallon bag. Snow globes may exceed this liquid allotment. Even small snowglobes can become a problem when they are not contained in a clear 1-gallon bag.

To be safe and not sorry, it is best to put all souvenirs safely in a checked bag. If you don’t have a checked bag steer clear of these gifts.

5. Sharp Objects

Sharp objects are a lot more common in our day to day life than we think. Whether it’s a small knife on a keychain or a hand tool, knowing the size limits for these items is important when traveling.

Generally, any sharp object should be put in a carry-on. However, scissors that are less than 4 inches in length. This applies to nail scissors that are often in manicure sets. This being said, ultimately any TSA agent can ask you to remove any item that they think is dangerous.

7. Bulk Protein Powder

If you can’t go on a trip without hitting up a gym and working on your form, this section is for you! Most people know that protein shakes are an absolute no-no for your carry-on. But you might want to leave your protein powder at home too.

You are able to bring in smaller quantities of protein powder, such are packets. This being said, many airports offer premade protein shakes and bars once you’re through security. Stocking up on these items within the gate is allowed.

8. Peanut or Other Nut Butter

Liquids and gels fall under the same general category. As discussed earlier, TSA strictly limits the quantity of these items that are allowed on your carry-on. But what a lot of people don’t know is that their favorite snack falls into this category.

Peanut butter and other nut butter are considered gels. Additionally, peanut butter can often trigger allergies in other passengers. If at all possible pack nut butters into your checked luggage or you can buy it at your destination.

9. Guns

Guns are a sensitive item to bring most places. A lot of states within the US don’t allow concealed weapons at all or have other restrictions.

When packing a gun to take with you it is important that you check the item properly. Be sure to pack the gun in a secure carrying case, unloaded, with the ammo packed separately.

10. Shoe Inserts

Another strange gel based item that is often restricted are shoe inserts. Most orthotics that are professionally fit are made of foam, and therefore fine to travel with.

Popular Dr. Scholl’s and other gel-based inserts must be checked. Be sure to check your shoes before getting in line at security to prevent losing your inserts.

Happy and Safe Travels!

We hope you enjoyed our comprehensive guide to the things you can’t take on a plane!

Next time you’re packing for a flight, be sure to check us out for more great tips and tricks.